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Not Made to Last is a full-length standalone, but involves Rhys Garret, a character from the Heartache Duet. 
It is absolutely not necessary to read the Heartache Duet prior to Not Made to Last... but it might be fun!

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Two simple words hold the truth of our love: wait and hope.



Rhys Garrett—recent high school graduate, ex-captain of the basketball team, and my brother’s rival both on and off the court.

Oh, and he’s also the guy I just hit with my truck.


To be fair, he had it coming.

Why else was he dressed in all black, in the middle of the night, if not to hide out amongst the darkness?



I wasn’t looking where I was going or what was around me. I didn’t even see the headlights. Just felt the impact. And I thought, as strange as it was, that getting hit by a car may be the best thing that could’ve happened to me.

Until I opened my eyes…

…and she told me her name.




Some might call it fate, destiny, kismet…

A collision of souls.

One night.

One chance encounter.

The problem?

One night wasn’t enough.

But the more time we spent together, the more truths came to light.

And soon, we’d discover that what we once thought was meant to be…

…is not made to last.

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