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Pieces Duet

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July 1, 2021


They could’ve been perfect.
In another time. Another world.
Where his wasn’t falling apart.
And hers wasn’t already in pieces.


High school senior Holden Eastwood only has one fear in life: growing up.
He spends his days unmotivated, moving from one game to the next, searching for his next challenge.
He never expected that challenge to come in the form of a girl…
A girl with zero fashion sense, a filthy mouth, and a bullsh*t attitude.

Unlike Holden, Jameson Taylor had no choice but to grow up.
Neglected, isolated, and forced to raise herself, Jameson only has one goal in life: graduate and move on.
The last thing she needs is some guy she can’t stand suddenly declaring her as his new hobby.

Their lives couldn’t be more opposite.
Their pasts a complete paradox.
But in each other, they find the unexpected…
They find solace.
Fragments of forever…
A forever that might tear them to pieces.


January 15, 2022


“I loved you then,

I love you now,

and I’ve loved you every single day in between.”


Jameson Taylor is a nomad. A drifter. A memory collector.

Or, at least, that’s what’s become of her life ever since she was forced to leave pieces of her fractured heart behind.


“This is the fault in our fate, our one undoing:

All he’s ever wanted is my happiness,

even when it costs him his own.”


Holden Eastwood is resentful. Angry. But most of all, hurt.

Torn to pieces by the girl who left him, he struggles to find forgiveness in the organ she once broke.


When a tragedy forces them to face the aftermath, Jamie seeks acceptance, while Holden searches for answers.

What they find, instead, are remnants of their love.

Fragments of forever.

And parts of a puzzle that will lead them to the truth…

A truth that might shatter them to pieces.

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